Embrace the Self-Healing Powers of Your Body and Mind

Your Body and Mind Will Take Care of You If You Let Them.

It is good to remind ourselves so now and then of the tremendous self-healing powers or our body and mind.

Without even noticing it, the trillions of cells our bodies are always striving toward harmony and health.

We are hard-wired to grow and become stronger every minute of our lives from the moment of conception until we get beyond our reproductive age around the age of forty. Even though our bodies experience a gradual decline in strength and performance after forty, the ability of our bodies to heal themselves remains, albeit at a slower rate.

Automatic programs, comparable to those that keep our hearts beating and our bodies at the right temperature, constantly work in the background breaking down and renewing and repairing body tissue.

Aside from these systems that operate entirely on their own without us being aware of it, another system, our immune system, works 24/7/365 to disarm and remove invaders from our bodies that otherwise could have caused serious harm to our health.

It is an amazing ability of our bodies to do whatever it takes to restore and maintain health after injuring ourselves or contracting an illness. Sometimes, the impact of the injuries or the force of the attackers is too much for the body, meaning that we have to call in the help of doctors and modern medicine to help our bodies to overcome the threat.

It is good to keep in mind that, although we perceive it often differently, doctors and modern medicine don’t actually heal our bodies; they create the optimal circumstances for our bodies to do their healing work.

We have been granted stewardship over our bodies. This means that we have the responsibility to let the automatic defence and healing programs in our bodies do their work, to support them and to refrain from doing whatever interferes with their good work.

Staying Healthy, Energetic and Strong Our Entire Life

We support our bodies in the first place with eating food that is biologically correct and therefore recognized by the billions of bacteria and other organisms that live in our gut. These bacteria and other organisms are collectively known as our microbiome or gut flora and play an important role in the processes of digestion, assimilation, immune function and brain health.

Biologically correct food is organically grown, raised without the use of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics and prepared for consumption without chemicals to enhance taste, color, smell and shelf-life.

The effect of hormones, antibiotics and food chemicals is that it harms and diminishes the gut flora and otherwise leads to harmful effects in the body.

We also support our body by performing activities that get and keep our muscle system in good condition. The reason for this is that our muscle system forms the centre-point of good health because it pulls all other body systems forward in their function.

The third way we can support our bodies is by maintaining a state of relaxation as often as possible since this is the state our bodies need for healing and recovery.

Stronger muscles lead to stronger bones, tendons and ligaments, and a stronger cardiovascular and respiratory system. Examples of other body systems that benefit from a strong muscle system are the digestive system, the nervous system, the hormonal system and the lymphatic system.

Many people in our modern society have lost the connection with their body, meaning that they preferably choose for food that tastes good and gives comfort in the short term without ever wondering whether what they eat really benefits their internal body systems.

They don’t link responses from their body with the food they have been consuming, with their physical activity, or lack thereof, and their overall mental and emotional state. Instead of recognizing pain and discomfort as a signal from their body that an issue needs to be addressed, they ignore the issue or suppress the symptoms with painkillers or other types of medication.

If something is out of alignment, meaning our body is not functioning properly, we can take for granted that somehow somewhere we throw sand in the normally smoothly operating programs that keep our bodies healthy, strong and energetic.

And here is the good news…

Our bodies are very forgiving, meaning that even though we may not have been treating it optimally, it improves all its healing and repairing abilities almost immediately the moment we take the steps that create the right environment for our bodies to the work they are hard-wired to do.

Eating healthy, exercising properly while maintaining an overall state of relaxation are the tools we have at our disposal and can use every hour of the day.

If we do it consistently, persistently and patiently, we can see our physical, emotional and mental health gradually and dramatically improve in a matter of months.

Knowing all this is one, actually doing it is another. If you realize that you keep falling back into habits that don’t serve you despite your best intentions and hard work, I suggest you send me an email and see how we can work together to get you moving forward again.

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The Power of Relaxation and Simplicity

Bringing and keeping your body and mind in a relaxed state throughout the day is by far the best thing you can do preserve your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Perhaps the best way to realize the benefits of relaxation is to look at what happens to us when we are in a stressed state.

The first thing to realize is that living in stress means living in survival. People often find this difficult to understand; “what do you mean survival? I don’t see myself in a situation that I could die from whatever threat. I may be busy, and things may be a bit hectic, but that’s okay, things will settle soon.”

That may be true, but the point is that your body and mind have a different view on that. Even though we live in a modern world, our brains haven’t changed more than ten percent over the past fifty thousand years, and our DNA hasn’t changed at all over the past two hundred thousand years. In other words, whether we like it or not, our bodies and minds still behave like they did thousands of years ago when confronted with a threat.

We still react in the same way…

In those days, threats and danger came from enemies, predators, famine and similar very basic survival situations. Because we haven’t changed much since those days, our brains nowadays still perceive threats in the same manner, and it really doesn’t matter that in today’s society those threats have transformed into problems related to work, relationships, money, family, health, sexuality or purpose in life.

The funny thing is also that it doesn’t make a difference whether the threat is real or imagined. Simply close your eyes, think of a scary event and feel the terror creep upon you.

The direct effect of stress on body and mind is that blood is shunted away from the gut section to arms and legs for running or fighting and to the brain for fast thinking. All other body functions that don’t play a crucial role in dealing with the threat are temporarily put on hold. Think of processes such as digestion, assimilation, healing, and recovery.

Forget about clear and rational thinking too. Stress creates tunnel vision. We don’t oversee all our options but tend to choose from a limited number of options that in most cases are not the smartest.

Think of this; we worry about our health, relationships, career, finances or the meaning of life and the tools we get from our brains to work with these conditions are the survival tools feeding, fighting, fleeing or freezing.

Sounds like someone handing you a hammer when you need an electric screwdriver.

Clearly, the survival tools we still use to deal with today’s challenges are hopelessly outdated.

The really worrisome thing is that our brain forces us to use those tools whenever we feel stress come up.

It happens all the time, and we can see it everywhere; many people who feel challenged react with excessive eating, aggression, avoiding difficult situations or simply feel helpless and don’t know what to do.

Not really helpful and effective tools in our complex modern-day society.

What to to do?

How then to avoid becoming the victim of our own survival tools that tend to turn our lives into a mess?

The short answer is: by bringing and keeping yourself in a state of relaxation throughout the day.

When you are in a relaxed state, stress can’t exist, and you automatically avoid the outdated survival actions feeding, fighting, fleeing and freezing from getting in your way.

More goodness; all your body systems will run smoothly, and you will be able to think clearly and make the wise decisions that will help you to create the life you want to live.

There are many ways to reduce or eliminate stress.

Simplicity is the key-word.

Among the many things you can do, here are two very effective actions you can take that will create enormous clarity in your life and will cost you nothing.

First, take a look at your agenda and see what you can reorganize, combine, delegate or stop doing. Decide what the “big rocks” are in your life, give them a place in your agenda and work around those rocks with smaller items.

Be sure that there is harmony between your interests and the interests of others. Realize that if you don’t take care of yourself, stress will be just around the corner with all ensuing consequences, one of which is that you can’t be of much help to others. Know that your happiness is their happiness.

Next, clean up your environment and then get rid of things you don’t use. Focus on one room in your house at the time and check for items you don’t use or wear anymore and probably never will. Realize that all the things you have, in some way take up space in your house and your mind and complicate your life.  Sell, give or throw away what you don’t need and keep what really matters.

These actions may sound simple, but don’t underestimate the positive effects on your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Things get even better when you notice that the clarity and relaxation you’ll see emerge in your life as result of these simple actions form a wonderful foundation for new possibilities and experiences.

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