Change is inevitable, growth is optional…

These wise words come from Bob Proctor, one of the greatest speakers in the world. His words make total sense when you realize that we are living and therefore ever-changing organisms in an ever-changing environment.

In other words, change is never the question; it is everywhere and happening all the time.

The real question is: are we willing to grow to be able to keep up with the changes that occur inside and outside of us?

That’s the option or choice we have and often the source of a lot of discomforts because it is human nature to stay with what is familiar, known and therefore safe.

Referring to my last week’s blog; it is a strategy that worked perfectly for our far ancestors who lived in a harsh and simple environment and died around the age of forty.

Mother Nature dictated life’s cycle those days; people grew up, got strong, passed on their DNA, raised their off-spring and then…die;  time to say goodbye.

From Mother Nature’s perspective, things haven’t changed much since then. The moment we have fulfilled our biological role, she loses her interest in us.

And frankly, seeing how fast our bodies begin to decay, it even looks that she has begun working against us.

Thank you so much.

Luckily, because we have been able to build upon the knowledge from previous generations, we now have to ability to live into our eighties, nineties and beyond.

But as if it were a trick from the Gods, this privilege comes at a price.

What this means is that to live happily after the years after forty, we have to take over the steering wheel from Mother Nature to keep our body and mind in good condition.

In other words, we have to take care of our fundamentals; effective exercising, healthy nutrition and sufficient rest and sleep.

If we do, we can give direction and structure to our lives and enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling second phase of life for ourselves and our loved ones.

If we don’t, we give away our power and have to accept life the way it rolls out to us with all ensuing consequences that begin with a quickly deteriorating health.

Think of this; according to a report in Archives of Internal Medicine, four healthy lifestyle factors — never smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly and following a healthy diet — together appear to be associated with as much as an 80 percent reduction in the risk of developing the most common and deadly chronic diseases.

Considering the consequences for ourselves and our loved ones, do we actually have the option to learn about the changes like, for instance, those that occur in our body, and to grow, meaning develop new personal skills to accommodate those changes?

“No, but how do you do that when you already have to work so hard to handle all the daily obligations and responsibilities?”

I hear you, and that is where I would like to help.

After having to go through a lot of changes and challenges in my personal and professional life, it is my mission to share my knowledge and experience with everybody who is ready and open to change, with the aim to make their life easier.

This goes further than physical health because even though this is an important aspect of our overall health, other aspects play a role too. Think of mental and emotional health, professional health and social health.

Everything is connected, and when one underperforms, the others will also suffer.

My presentations and workshops are built around giving people all the information they need to get on track toward a healthier and more creative and productive lifestyle.

Straightforward tools and techniques they can apply immediately and that cover what to do and how to do it, including how to overcome roadblocks that will certainly appear on the way toward achieving goals.

Let’s connect today and begin a conversation how I can add value to your life and the lives of the people you represent.

Just follow this link to send me a message, and I’ll contact you at a day and time that suits you best.

Talk to you soon.

Patrick Streppel.